Men need a wristwatch. It’s functional, convenient, and stylish. More than just an accessory, it is a fundamental tool in everyday life. It can even help with survival.

A watch can help a man in making good progress daily, being harmonious in his style, and staying connected with the people he loves by spending time with them.

If you’re in search of a brand that’s got the functionality, convenience and style all checked, Kenneth Cole is one of them.

The Kenneth Cole brand was born in 1982 of which the first product was a shoe for women. Then the brand ventured into clothing and soon in watches and other accessories.

It may have not started as a watch company, but the same work philosophy they have for the brand is applied to their watch craftsmanship.

If you look at their watches, there’s a wide array of choice pieces you can choose from. There isn’t one that won’t suit your needs or preferences. From a versatile watch to a casual one with differing designs, tones, movements, and more, there will surely be one for everybody.

What we’re here for is to give you some of the watches they have that we think are the best for men. Check them out below.

Kenneth Cole REACTION Analog-Digital Men’s Watch

This is a sports watch, particularly a racing watch.

It’s both a digital and an analog watch – the best of both worlds! There’s a window for the stopwatch, tachymeter (for measuring speed), and calendar windows in a black detailed dial.

Other things inside are the numbered tachymeter, linear hour markers, and 3-hand movement. Outside is a beautiful gold-plated stainless steel band, crown, pushers, and bezel with compass directions in initials.

This digital-analog quartz watch features a 45 mm diameter, 24 mm band width, and a mineral case with 12 mm thickness.

  • Beautiful polished finish
  • Analog-quartz movement
  • Analog and digital
  • Water-resistant to 30 m or 100 ft
  • Heavy

Kenneth Cole Transparency Men’s Casual Watch

As the name suggests, this piece is a transparent casual watch – and a great-looking one.

This watch features a gunmetal case, blue genuine leather band, a smaller dial (to make it transparent), linear hour markers, dot second markers, 3 hands in white and blue, and a tiny date window.

This analog Japanese-quartz watch has a 44 mm case diameter, 21.4 mm band width, a mineral case with 11 mm thickness, and a Tang buckle clasp.

Casual and modern is what I would describe this watch. It truly looks great when worn and you get to see your skin peeking through.

  • Modern design
  • Japanese-quartz movement
  • Water-resistant to 30 m or 100 ft
  • None

Kenneth Cole Men’s Automatic Stainless Steel Casual Watch

Another smart and modern casual watch for the modern man.

This watch is also transparent only on the center dial to give way to the mechanism inside. It’s a silver full of goodness with a hint of gold in the visible mechanism.

It is a beautiful watch.

A stunning stainless steel band and bezel encase the semi-transparent bezel, linear hour markers, and three hands all in silver.

This analog Chinese Automatic watch has a 44 mm case diameter, 20 mm band width, and a mineral case with 14 mm depth.

  • Automatic
  • Analog
  • Water-resistant to 30 m or 100 ft
  • Visible watch mechanism
  • Beautiful silver tone
  • Non-luminous hour markers

Watches: A Buying Guide


Know what you need a watch for. If you’re attending something really important (and formal) like business deals, a wedding, a charity, you need yourself a dress watch.


Now this part is tricky. You might want a casual watch that you want to wear to a formal event. And that is fine if you ask me as long as it doesn’t scream outdoors or military.

Or, if you want a regular durable outdoor watch that you want to take hiking instead of the GPS, fitness tracker, ABC watch, you can always do so. At the end of the day, it’s you who will be wearing it.


If you have the means, go buy a luxury watch. But if you only have a couple hundreds to spare, then a minimalistic but casual watch will do.

There’s a TON of design, material, and build when it comes to affordable casual watches because it’s a big category. Don’t be surprised to find one that you can also use as a dress watch.

But if you really want to buy the expensive kind, some people sell their pre-loved watches for a reasonable cost. And I think they are well-valued because unlike garments, some watches wear great with time.


Notice that “mini-watch” inside the glass? Those are called subdials. They can be a stopwatch, a timer, or another watch for another time zone.

You may also see other “buttons” outside the watch other than the main one. These are called pushers. They are there because there are subdials present or an additional hand other than the hour, minute, and seconds hand.

If you don’t want any of them, then buy the simplest one.


A watch’s size can tell a lot about a watch. Watches with a 40-42 mm case diameter are considered the standard size. A 44 mm watch is considered big, while below 40 mm is considered small.

In addition, they can tell what a watch is for. A small, simple, and formal-looking watch is a dress watch. A big, dark, and bulky watch is a military watch or likely a GPS watch.


Like size, straps or “bands” as what they’re rightly called, can tell quite some things about a watches.

Bulky and wide straps will tell that the watch is meant for bigger wrists. Thin or narrow straps (I’m talking a centimeter or less) will tell that a watch is meant for a female wearer.

A strap’s material can also tell what a watch is for. Leather is usually meant for casual wear and sometimes formal. Stainless steel can mean casual, formal, aviator, and diving watch. Plastic and rubber can mean outdoor and military wear.

Final Thoughts

These watches are beautiful on their own and they have their own unique style. Kenneth Cole is one of those brands that really do deliver when it comes to quality and style. The New York series is especially great.