Watches are accessories that will never be outdated. And they’re essentials that will never be without help.

If you are to find a good watch, do a good research about the brand and its heritage. Great watches are so because they have excellent quality, style, and heritage. And if you’re a person who always thinks about the environment when making a purchase, a great option would be Citizen.

I have had Citizen watches and they were great. Still are. And I don’t think they’ll be losing their shine any time soon.

The brand’s mantra is Better Starts Now. It means that nothing good will start now, but something better.

For 101 years, they have been a pioneer in crafting exemplary watches with their ever-improving technologies. They respect the true meaning and significance of watch craftsmanship. And to prove that they also respect the environment where all great materials come from, they created a line solely dedicated to it.

For more than 40 years, the brand’s Eco Drive technology has been serving both consumers and the environment. There really isn’t anything complex about this technology. In fact, it’s simple.

Eco Drive technology utilizes the power of light whether it be from the sun or artificial lightings, turns it into energy, and uses it to power a watch.

How is it? Good?

The Eco Drive technology does not require plug-in charging nor battery changing. This is because the technology uses the power of light, both natural and artificial sources, to power a watch. The energy is stored in a lithium-ion and can be charged by the same power source over and over again.

You’ll never have to change the battery or worse, buy a new watch.

And according to them, the Eco Drive line has saved about 10 million batteries or more in North America from being used and dumped. That’s amazing news for the environment and ultimately for us because of the reduction in pollution.

Does it really last forever?

Not quite, though. On average, the batteries last for 10 years. If they are well-lubricated and well-cared, they are said to last for 10 more years.

Does it overheat?

There have been reports that there were cases of overheating. It is recommended not to go over 140 degrees Fahrenheit or 60 degrees Celsius.

Citizen Eco Drive has a good number of watches you can choose from. So we’ve put together this list of some of the best in the line to help you narrow down your choices, or maybe find a better one.

Citizen Mens Eco Drive Axiom AU1060-51E

If you’re looking for a true minimalist, like a literal minimalist watch, I don’t think there’s any more minimal and simple than this.

This watch features a classic silver stainless steel body, case, 2 hands, and single hour marker, and a small date window. That’s it. That’s all you’ve got on the black dial.

It’s clean, chic, modern, and casual.

It has a 44 mm case diameter, stainless steel bracelet band, and a mineral crystal window case.

Citizen Mens Eco Drive Axiom BL6005-01E

If you need a change from the common round watch, this is a great option. It’s a rectangular beauty with vertical lines in the dial. The design is also minimal and black. It’s sophisticated, chic, and vintage-like.

This watch features black leather bands, black stainless steel case, 2 stainless steel hands, and linear hour markers. The Lugs are silver in tone which makes this whole watch a perfect harmony of shape, colors, and pattern.

Overall, it’s a really attractive sophisticated piece.

It has a 26×37 case size, black leather band, and a mineral crystal window case.

Citizen Mens Eco Drive Brycen AW1598-70X

How about something green for a change?

This is what a classic, timeless, precious, and emerald-dial watch should be. The design is elegant, classic, and luxurious. You can never go wrong with this watch.

This watch features a silver stainless steel body, case, and 3 hands. It has rocket-shaped luminous hour markers. The bezel and dial are in pine or emerald green as I prefer to call it.

It also has a timer to remind you when it’s time to resurface after diving, but I think it’s only good for snorkeling because it only has a water-resistance level of 100 m. The case is hexagonal which gives it its classic and almost vintage-like look.

It has a 43 mm case diameter, silver stainless steel bracelet band, and a mineral crystal window case.

Citizen Mens Eco Drive Corso BM7258-54H

Need a timer that’s not on leather? This one’s for you!

This watch is a good combination of casual and sporty. Its case and bezel are in an elegant and well-polished stainless steel. It has 3 subdials with a 60-minute timer and a 12 or 24-hour time.

If you’re not a fan of leather or stainless steel straps, this is an excellent choice. It’s a true casual watch in style and function.

This watch features a silver stainless steel case, fabric straps, 2 luminous hour and minute hands with a red second hand, luminous dot hour markers, and a gunmetal grey dial.

It has a 39 mm case diameter, silver stainless steel bracelet band, a mineral crystal window case, and a water-resistance level of 100 m or 333 ft.

Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive PCAT AT4010-50E

If you need to record time and speed, this is the watch for you.

This watch has a tachymeter so you can record your speed when you are out on the road and a water-resistance level of 200 m which means you can take it diving.

Design-wise, this watch has a silver stainless steel unibody, grey dial, and luminous hands and linear hour markers, and red accents from the tachymeter and subdials. It has 3 subdials and a small date window. Overall, it’s a handsome sturdy and sporty watch.

It has a 43 mm case diameter, 2-tone stainless steel bracelet band, an anti-reflective sapphire crystal window case, and a water-resistance level of 200 m or 666 ft.

Moreover, it has synchronized time adjustment, 5 time zones, and a 60-minute timer.