The wrist watch is an important part of history. It was actually a weapon or a part of it, that was used to attack enemies by using time. Wise timing.

But that watch wasn’t a wrist watch. It was a pocket watch. Men fish for them in their pockets as you may have seen movies depicting this.

Then a time came when watches were made for women as a fashion accessory. The first one was thought to be made for Countess Koscowicz of Hungary.

Wrist watches are scoffed by many that time, but look at where they’ve gotten to now.

There weren’t that many designs before. Watches were encased in metal, had only two hands, and some didn’t even have crowns.

Today watches come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. The most worn ones are casual watches.

We love watches and so we listed some of the best men’s casual watches you can find today. Check them out below!

Seiko Men’s Recraft Series Automatic Leather

Simple with a beautiful combination of colors.

The teal (but more towards green) dial and gold hands/numbers look great together along with the brown calfskin leather strap.

Unlike the typical watch, this one from Seiko Recraft is a stainless steel square but without the hard edges. Its shape also helps it look casual but sophisticated at the same time.

It is a mechanical but self-winding watch with a case diameter of 39.5 mm. The case is made from a Hardlex crystal.

Its back is see-through and screwed and it’s water-resistant for up to 50 m or 165 ft.

  • Elegant colors
  • Square case
  • Anti-reflective coating inside
  • Water-resistant to 50m
  • Not for those who prefer round cases

Fossil Men’s The Minimalist FS5305

A true simple and casual watch.

If you don’t like your watches to have a lot of things, this one’s for you. Even its hour marker is the simplest it can be (linear markers). The case and dial are in plain black and the hands are gold-toned which matches the band perfectly.

It features a 42 mm case diameter and 22 mm band width. It is an analog watch with mineral crystal cover and a black-plated stainless steel case.

The band is genuine brown leather that has tonal stitching with buckle lock. It’s also interchangeable with other Fossil 22 mm straps.

This watch is water-resistant up to 50 m or 165 ft.

  • Simple and uncluttered design
  • Brown and black always look good together
  • Simple display
  • Interchangeable bands
  • Water-resistant up to 50 m
  • I didn’t find any

Kenneth Cole Men’s Dress Sport Casual Watch

The semi-formal casual watch.

For me, this piece from Kenneth Cole is a combination of casual and semi-formal style. I can wear this in a semi-formal event. I believe it’s because of the overall polish and finish it has.

The tone combination is also unique. The hands are gold, the dial blue, the bezel rose gold and the band stainless steel. The combination is interesting but it works and is definitely wearable.

It features Japanese quartz movement, a stainless steel mesh band, and 2 sub-dials. Its resistance to water is up to 30 m.

  • Can be used casual or semi-formal
  • Interesting tones
  • Wearable design
  • The beige color of the dial saturates in color under the sun

Timex Men’s Weekender Watch

For the cool guy who’s not a fan of leather.

Its name describes it well. It’s a weekender watch that you can wear on your casual days off. The crisp and clean chrome-plated brass and the off-white dial looks good with the navy blue nylon band.

It features a 40 mm diameter case, 20 mm nylon strap which can fit a wrist size of 8 inches. It also has 24-hour military time under the numbered hour markers. The case cover is made from mineral glass crystal and the whole watch is water-resistant to up to 30 m or 100 ft.

Timex made the Weekender line convenient and versatile by making the bands easy to release and change. So should you get tired of the current one you have, you can change it in a jiffy.

  • Indiglo backlight
  • Interchangeable straps
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Water-resistant up to 30 m
  • Not for those who prefer round cases

Every man must wear a watch and here’s why:

1. It’s the best one to tell time accurately.

Watches are made solely for telling the time and looking good while doing it. And compared to phones or similar devices, they are better at making you punctual.

It is more convenient in telling time because it is on your wrist and your phone isn’t.

2. It stays with you wherever you go.

You will never want to fish out your phone out of your pocket again just to tell time after you’ve dropped it.

You can’t go swimming with your phone all the time. You can drop it to the sea bed. But you can swim with a watch.

3. It’s more than useful.

Dating it back to World War I, watches were very functional at that time not just to synchronize an attack, but also for soldiers on the field, up in the air, and on the sea to tell time.

Now, they are being used not in flying as well as diving not just by the military, but also by everyone who enjoys outdoor activities.

4. Its battery doesn’t drain at the end of the day.

It will work every second of the days of a year, for years! Smartphones don’t do that. A watch can be powered by battery or motion sensing. Whichever the case, it will take you years before you have them checked.

5. It’s simple but powerful.

Mechanical watches are undoubtedly the best watches if you ask me. They are simple, work great, require no maintenance for years, and have unparalleled mechanical technology that doesn’t need the latest tech today.

6. It’s stylish.

A watch has a style of its own. You won’t see much on a man’s hand. That’s why when a man wears a watch, it can easily become the center of attention.